Running With Walker

About Running with Walker:

“Such an affecting and instructive story, and one told so very well: a father’s relentless love for his son, offered time and again, no matter the boy’s troubles. Here is human connection at its stirring, challenging best – and here is a lesson of family love for all of us to consider.”
Robert Coles, James Agee Professor of Social Ethics at Harvard University

“There’s scarcely a page in the whole book that doesn’t contain some startling, inventive piece of art, usually of a very subtle unflashy kind, but sure to be cherished. I say to myself, is it right that I’m finding this terrifically serious book so entertaining, so much fun to read?”
Christopher Herbert, Professor of English, Northwestern University

From the book’s back cover:
By the time he was three, Walker’s parents were concerned enough about his delayed development to consult a paediatric neurologist. Doctors diagnosed autism and issued a grim prognosis: “I hold out not hope for this child.” But they hadn’t accounted for Walker’s intelligence, affection, and sense of humour – or for the remarkable bonds that grew within his family.

Walker’s father, Robert Hughes, tells a touching and inspiring story of discovering that their “perfect little boy had a problem.” With disarming honesty and humour, the book tells how a family copes and keeps hope alive despite the staggering difficulties autism presents.

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